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High Sierra shower heads for home and hotel are the perfect choice for all shower stalls and showers over tubs. Each comes equipped with our translucent Splash Guards™ (Classic and Tenaya) which are designed to optimize the performance of our shower heads by increasing the density of the spray and confining it entirely to the tub or shower stall. Except for the Splash Guard which is made of ABS, all of our Home/Hotel shower heads are entirely made of metal parts and are available in Chrome and Satin Nickel finishes

Below are the High Sierra Showerhead® models recommended for home, apartments, hospitality, and college dorms.
(The models shown are finished in chrome. We offer the same styles in brushed nickel.)


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As with all High Sierra models, they feature a 1.5 or 1.8 gpm* flow rate, solid metal construction, maintenance free quality, and patented uniform droplet spray nozzle. They are available with or without our exclusive ABS Splash Guard™, which focuses the spray into a slightly narrower pattern. 

This option is especially desirable for those with narrow shower stalls or with showerheads located over bathtubs.  The splash guard is extremetly durable and easy to clean.  It can be ordered in a variety of attractive, translucent colors or with no color at all, and it is BPA free.

high sierra showerhead in action

Download A Brochure About Our Showerheads (PDF File) Download A Brochure About Our Showerheads (PDF File) (4047 KB)

University of Southern Maine Showerhead Case Study University of Southern Maine Showerhead Case Study (185 KB)

Architect or Contractor Spec Sheet Residential-Hotel Showerheads Architect or Contractor Spec Sheet Residential-Hotel Showerheads (1128 KB)

showerheads for college dorms

Our showerheads are in use in many colleges and universities. Here, Cal State University, San Bernardino facilites supervisor Luis Alvarado removes a poorly-performing showerhead in a dorm room ...

installing showerhead in a college dorm

...and installs a High Sierra FCS-100 in its place. CSUSB ended up ordering 700 of the devices after testing several dozen. Not only did they save water and energy, said Mr. Alvardo, but the students liked the feel of their spray.


This is a Plugged "Low Flow" Shower Head at a (Big Chain) Motel in Oakhurst, CA. Snap a picture of a bad hotel shower head on your next trip and email it to us. We'll post it on Pinterest and give you a 12.5% discount on your purchase.

* Accuracy of flow rate is ± 10% between 30 psi and 80 psi


University of Southern Maine performs 2012 water savings case study with 300 of our showerheads—finds @four-month cost payback:
[Exracted from blog] "Last year, the University of Southern Maine spent $17,000 from their Revolving Green Fund to upgrade over 300 showerheads in student dorms. These higher-efficiency showerheads reduced water use from 2.6 to 1.5 gallons per minute, as well as the amount of natural gas needed to heat the water. The project was paid back with cost savings in a little over four months, and is saving the University over $48,000 per year or around $200 a day."

Shower Head Review from a Meticulous Online buyer Who Tested Both Flow Rate and Family Reaction:
The trial is done. I waited until my brother, sis in law and 2 nieces came to visit for a week. My nieces were the real test. They are true teenage girls with long thick hair that like long hot showers and love to primp and preen. They gave the shower head thumbs up. My 18 year old niece said it had great flow, easy to rinse hair, and the force was good...almost prickly.

Plus with such low flow, we NEVER ran out of hot water even shower after show with a 50 gal hot water tank. Great product!
-- Jonathan B.