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Tenaya Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Heads

The Extension Tenaya Showerhead

Introducing our new contemporary style of high performance showerheads for home and hotel. Choose from a variety of translucent colors to perfectly match the style of any bathroom. The Tenaya's large, circular face is easy to grasp for adjusting the angle of the spray. It will add a splash of style and color to any shower enclosure.

Tenaya VS Classic:
Which is the right shower head for you?"

New Products and Innovative Solutions 2016

After introducing our Classic™ shower heads in 2010, some customers suggested that we modify the appearance to better fit the luxury designs of their bathrooms. To meet their desires we came up with the Tenaya™ series. The Tenaya's function exactly the same as our Classic shower heads, but are crafted using a 5" diameter translucent face that lends style and character to any shower. Available in 5 different colors and finishes.

Currently Out of Stock Until March 2017

Available in two water saving flow rates 1.5 GPM and 1.8 GPM... Which flow rate is best for you? Click here

Also available in: ChromeNickelPolished Brass

Tenaya Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Heads with Trickle Valve

The High Sierra Showerhead Tenaya models are now available with an optional trickle valve. The trickle valve allows the user to either control the strength of the spray or to shut it off to a trickle while lathering for even greater water savings.

1.5 vs 1.8 GPM...Which flow rate is best for you?

Shower arm heights vary considerably from bathroom to bathroom. The height of a shower head can affect the level of satisfaction for some people because the shower spray loses energy as it travels from the shower head. The farther one is away from the shower head, the weaker the spray becomes. To ensure the most satisfying shower possible for our customers, we offer 2 water saving flow rates: 1.5 gpm and 1.8 gpm. Either can be used on any shower arm regardless of height, but we recommend the 1.8 gpm for those with shower arms over 6.5 ft from the floor, especially if small children will be using the shower. This is because the droplet size of the 1.8 gpm shower heads is larger and has greater rinsing power futher from the shower head than the 1.5 gpm models.